“NIPPON Creative Printing Show vol.1 “Kansei” value creation project by AJPIA —6 ARTIST BOOKS”

This exhibit features the artist books and media which documents the project undertaken by 6 Japan-based designers with members of the All Japan Printing Association. Each team of designer & printer pushed and broke boundaries of printing to show the high quality of Japanese printing. Curated & produced by Hexa project, the original show was a part of the KANSEI – Japan Design Exhibition (organizer METI & JETRO) held at the Louvre Les Arts Decoratifs in December 2008.

Theme : “間 (Ma)”—Kansei Design Through Japan Printing
“間–Ma” exists as one part of Japan’s culture. Historically Japan has expressed “時間–time” and “空間–space” as one “間–space, interval”. In Japan this unique perspective of space is recognized as the ultimate existence and has taken a firm hold in the culture. With the collaboration of 6 designers and printing companies, this exhibit will communicate this “間–Ma” , which can be said to be the identity of Japan, in relation to design.

Date : 10 April – 23 May 2009 (closed on Sundays & holidays)
Venue : CCC (the center for creative communications) gallery 2F
Organiser : CCC (the center for creative communications)
Co-organiser : All Japan Federation of Printing Association, AJPIA Kansei Project
Cooperation : Bnest, Kyouei design
Exhibition planning (producing/curation) : Hexaproject Ltd.
Space design : Hexaproject Ltd.
Flyer design : Hexaproject Ltd.
Web design : Hexaproject Ltd.
Participating artist : Shiriagari Kotobuki, Shun Kawakami, Hideki Inaba, WABISABI, Masami Takahashi, so+ba Kouichi Okamoto (exhibition support by Kyouei design -Balloon Lamp)
Admission fee : No charge
Nippon printing show website: www.n-cps.jp

Shiriagari Kotobuki × Osada Bunkado / “parade”
Shun Kawakami × Adpia / “MA”
Hideki Inaba × Mutsumi Printing / “Print Line by Hideki Inaba”
WABISABI × Syoubunsya Printing / “WABISABI 1999–2008”
Masami Takahashi × Mizukami Insatsu/ “Clothing by Printing #1”
so+ba × Kyoshin Printing / “24.10.2008 un world day”
Lighting by Koichi Okamoto (Kyouei Design) / “Balloon Lamp”