Creative talk show “NIPPON Creative Printing Show vol.1, -6 ARTIST BOOKS-“

This exhibit features the artist books and media which documents the project undertaken by 6 Japan-based designers with members of the All Japan Printing Association. Each team of designer & printer pushed and broke boundaries of printing to show the high quality of Japanese printing. Curated & produced by Hexa project, the original show was a part of the KANSEI – Japan Design Exhibition (organizer METI & JETRO) held at the Louvre Les Arts Decoratifs in December 2008.

Date : 11 April 2009, 13:00 – 15:00, exchange meeting 15:30 – 16:30
Limited to the first 150 people to register
Venue : Bnest
Organiser : CCC (the center for creative communications), All Japan Federation of Printing Association
Planning (producing/curation): Hexaproject Ltd.
Cooperation : JykK Japan Inc.
Lecturer : Shiriagari Kotobuki × Osada Bunkado, Shun Kawakami × Adpia, Hideki Inaba × Mutsumi Printing,
WABISABI × Syoubunsya Printing, Masami Takahashi × Mizukami Insatsu, so+ba × Kyoshin Printing,
All Japan Federation of Printing Association’s President, Mitsuhiro Mizukami
Admission fee : No charge, 500Yen for meeting