Special Exhibition celebrating the London Olympics Games ”ukiyo-e pop” -ukiyo-e & contemporary japonism

The authentic natural lifestyle of the people in the Edo period and the cultural trends and arts sprung from its connectedness to nature strongly influenced Europe in the late 19th century. To illustrate the roots of Japonism, ICN gallery is proud to present 24 carefully selected Ukiyo-e prints from Japan’s most famous artists of landscape prints, Hokusai and Hiroshige. The iconic designs of the acclaimed print series 36 views of Mount Fuji and One Hundred Famous Views of Edo show innovative compositions, techniques and colourations. Their artistic quality was recognised in the West and had a profound influence on artists like Van Gogh. Additional 20 works from current J-pop artists exhibited in the basement floor illustrate how this trend continues to date.

Term : 5 July – 8 Sep 2012
Venue : ICN (International Creative Network)(96 Leonard Street, City of London EC2A 4RH,UK)
Organiser : ICN(Hexaproject London Ltd. )
Exhibition planning (producing/curation) : Hexaproject Ltd.
Coordination : Hexaproject London Limited
Poster & flyer design : Hexaproject Ltd.
Web design : Hexaproject Ltd.
Participating Artist:inucoco,K.Kanehira,neyagi,NTAKE, アカバネ , いそう凪 , うまずら亭 , きぬてん , くろのくろ , コーラ , しらび , セキリュウ , やっくん , 吟 , 高田桂 , 小玉 , 神威光司 , 渡辺ヨシ , 波間陸
Admission fee : No charge

Exhibition :
GF “Masters of Landscape” – “Changing Nature – Changing Views” ,Japanese landscape prints by Hokusai and Hiroshige Guest Curator :Dr. Monika Hinkel (SOAS/V&A)
BF “Contemporary Landscape” Curator Hisami Omori (ICN)

Event :
Gallery Talk (with complimentary AOI green tea for all guests) :
19 July 19:00-20:00 “Hokusai & Hiroshige: Masters of Ukiyo-e Landscape prints” by Dr. Monika Hinkel (SOAS/V&A)
2 Aug 19:00-20:00 “Ukiyo-e from the design point of view” by Joe Keating (Designer) & Hisami Omori(Curator/Hexaproject Ltd)
16 Aug 19:00-20:00 “Japanese Landscape prints: Then&Now” by Dr. Monika Hinkel (SOAS/V&A)