Creative seminar “Secrets of FREITAG’s Breakthrough – Design × Industry” (As part of the exhibition “FREITAG -MORE THAN A BAG”)

For this CCC creative seminar a live interview was conducted with the global FREITAG brothers from the site of Swiss design. From discussions on FREITAG-style of design management & brand management to Swiss work environment and management style, we looked into the possibilities and ways for design and industry to work together based on the idea of long-life product-making. (Language: German with Japanese interpreter)

Date : 30 May 2009, 18:00 – 19:30
Limited to the first 80 people to register
Venue : CCC (the center for creative communications), presentation room 3F
Organiser : CCC (the center for creative communications)
Planning : Hexaproject Ltd.
Cooperation : JykK Japan Inc.
Poster & Flyer design : so+ba (
Web design : Hexaproject Ltd.
Lecturer : Daniel Freitag (Video-feed from Switzerland), Akihiko Kanke (FREITAG Japan Distributor, JykK Japan Inc)
Admission fee : No charge