works by +cruz&woog(W+K Tokyo LAB)

+cruz / woo

W+K Tokyo Lab is Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo’s creative lab, centered around hybrid culture. We develop new experiences that can only be created here and now in Tokyo, fusing a global mix of music, art, visuals and other forms of expression with a uniquely collaborative approach. Our creative output spans a wide range of audio visual experiences including design, art direction and commercial direction across a wide range of media.

+cruz is an art director, designer, commercial director and educator. His strong interest in Asian culture and commerce prompted him to rejoin Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo in pursuit of work that is culturally relevant to his roots, working with clients such as Nike Japan + Asia, Aiwa and Mori Building. As director of W+K Tokyo Lab, he oversees the labels entire visual output from directing music videos to art directing and designing its packaging and online experiences. His work focuses on the intersection between art and design, moving images and digital narratives, exploring new frontiers in media hybrids. A revisionist historian and graphic sociologist, he spends most of his time thinking about global equilibrium, Korean girls and advocating on asia nowhere : now here.

woog is an art director, graphic designer, typographer, illustrator and artist. Born in Hong Kong, Woog, a.k.a Gino Woo, grew up in the New Romantic 80’s aspiring to be a DJ, but became a graphic painter instead. Still a closet DJ, these days he mostly scratches with his pencil, painting with type and creating orgasmic images that draw from his heritage, identity and memory.