Hisami Omori:curator
NPO Hexaproject deputy director, Hexaproject London Limited (ICN ) Director/Curator

Since 2002 Omori has managed the contemporary art gallery Mixed Media and co-established NPO Hexaproject in 2006. As a curator, she works on various national and international cultural activities, workshops, talks and educational programs supporting the development of artistic culture. Established local corporation Hexaproject London Limited in Oct 2010.

Exhibits/Events Credits:“express” Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art 2005 (Shanghai) “Ma 間 Nippon Creative Printing Show vol.1“感性 Kansei – Japan Design Exhibition” Louvre Les Arts Decoratifs (Paris / France) ,“switch Kouichi Okamoto” Pola Museum Annex (Ginza / Tokyo) /V&A Museum (London)2012,”Garden of Russoro Yuri Suzuki” V&A Museum (London) 2013,”magnetic field record” Kouichi Okamoto V&A Museum (London) 2014,CCC(the center for creative communications) 2005 – 2016