「magnetic field record」at V&A Museum

Kouichi Okamoto
Born in 1970in Shizuoka, Japan. Released sound source work with Dutch techno label X-trax in 1997. Established Kyouei Design in 2006. With popular products such as ballon lamp and liquid bookmark, Kyouei Design products are now available in over 30 countries at design shops, stores and museums. He had a solo exhibition at Pola Annex Museum (Tokyo) in 2012 and has also exhibited and performed his works “musical table” and “lighting chair” at London’s V&A museum. He is active across genres from art and music to design.

Hexaproject produced & curated exhibition:
“Switch – Design of Play” by Kouichi Okamoto, POLA MUSEUM ANNEX(Tokyo), 2012 The first solo exhibition
“Switch – Design of Play” by Kouichi Okamoto, CCC(the center for creative communications) (Shizuoka), 2012
“musical table” & “lighting chair”, “Digital Design Weekend” / V&A Digital Design Weekend(London Design Festival 2012)
Koichi Okamoto “magnetic field record” V&A digital design weekend (London design festival 2014)
and others