Ikko Takana
One of the representative designers of the 20th Century Japanese Graphic Design, Tanaka was the designer of the1964TokyoOlympic facility symbols and medals, the Osaka World Expo exhibition layouts, and the art director of MUJI for its first 20 years. Ukiyo-e and other traditional arts greatly influenced his work.
Silver in Warsaw International Poster Biennale, Mainichi Design Award, New York ADC Hall of Fame, Purple Award from Japanese Emperor, Tokyo ADC Member Top Award, Person of Cultural Merit, The First Kamekura Award

Kiyoshi Awazu
A prolific top class graphic designer Awazu collaborated on city-planning, expo-planning and filmmaking projects with artists in a variety of fields includingarchitecture, music, literature, and film. He participated in the Metabolism Group (1960) and was involved in the Environment Society group.
Silver & Special Award in Warsaw International Poster Biennale, Japan Advertisement Art Award, Best Artist in Japan Film Academy, Mainichi Design Award・Special Award, Purple Award from Japanese Emperor

Mitsuo Katsui
Born in 1931. Katsui started the Katsui Design Office in 1961 after working for Ajinomoto. He worked on numerous expos including the Osaka Expo, Okinawa Marine Expo, and Tsukuba Science Expo. He has been the chairman of JAGDA, Tokyo ADC member, AGI member, New York ADCmember,and HonoraryProfessor of Musashino Art University
Gold New York ADC Award, Tokyo
ADC Hiromu Hara Award, Japan Advertisement Art Award, Purple Award from Japanese Emperor, Mainichi Design Award, Kodansha Publication Culture Award, Education Minister Award for Art Selection and Recommendation

Ay-O participated in the Democrat Artists Association in the 1950’s before going to US in 1958. He collaborated with Yoko Ono as a member of Fluxus, the avant-garde art movement of the 1960’s and received worldwide fame as the “Rainbow Artist” for his works in the 1964 Venice Biennale.

Mai Miyake
Miyake began her artist activities in 2001 after self-study. Her delicate but audacious works take advantage of the exhibition space incorporat- ing Japan’s unique senses. A broad array of activities include not only exhibitions in art galleries, museums, and art fairs, but also collabora- tions with companies ‒ JAL, Ginza Maison Hermes, Takashimaya, Mori Arts Center ‒ and book decorations. She studied in Ecole Nationale Superieur des Beaux-Arts (Paris, 2008-2009) on a scholarship.

Akira Yamaguchi
Yamaguchi received the Outstand- ing Performance Award in 2001 for the 4th Taro Okamoto Memorial Contemporary Art Contest. Main works include bird’s eye views on cities and battlefields that describe powerfully in detail the various events and folkways of all ages and cultures. His style attracts viewers by mixing humour with cynicism and is distinctive by combining animals (including people), plants and inorganic items such as machines. Not confining himself to only painting, he also expresses himself in a variety of media including sculpture, manga, and installations.

Ai Yamaguchi
In “Mountain Path Tea House”, girls are painted with unique support and delicate fine lines. Yamaguchi’s world of girls with numerous meanings and images offers scenery with depth and afterglow. She creates new Bijin-ga (pictures of beautiful ladies) works based on the culture and folkways of the Edo Period and Japanese aesthetics such as Rinpa (one of the major historical schools of Japanese painting). Her activities attract great deal of attention not only within Japan but also abroad.

A street artist in East London, STIK had four sold out solo-exhibitions in 2011 and gained an international fan base. In April 2012, his solo-exhibition “Walk” held at a London gallery sold out within ten minutes after the opening. Social activities are a priority due to his former homeless experience and his activities, both domestic and international, include children’s workshops in UK and Jordan. STIK’s works are a highlight of East London’s street art tours.

Jed Henry
Jed Henry is an illustrator, lifelong gamer, Japanophile, and all-around nerd. He grew up copying art from game manuals, and years later, eventually got a degree in animation. He now illustrates children’s books, and dreams up crazy projects like Ukiyo-e Heroes. Jed lived in Tokyo for 2 years, and proudly speaks Japanese at about a 4-year-old level. Jed divides his time between drawing, his family, and wishing he were back in Japan.

Peter McDonald
McDonald is a young artist in UK who has attracted worldwide attention recently. He received the 2008 John Moore Painting Award Grand Prize and participated in a yearlong project held at the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum in 2011. He equates drawing pictures as a performance and in 2002 started to paint figures with large heads. Since then, these figures became the core of his expression and he paints daily scenes such as airports, schools, barbershops, and cafés colorfully with simplified iconography.

Rimo Shiyotsu
He started his artistic activities as painting master Rimo Shiyotsu in 1981 and from 1991 to 2011 as a Nihonga (Japanese-style painting) artist under the name Tsuyoshi Mori. He creates a surreal world with a unique viewpoint using accessible and familiar motifs.
1st Prize of the Adachi Contemporary Ukiyoe Award 2010, Selected in Shingo Hoshino Prize Exhibition at 5th “Triennale Toyohashi” in 2011, Judges’ Special Award at FACE 2013 Sonpo Japan Art Contest in 2013.

Miran Fukuda
Fukuda creates works with an insightful eye on the flood of media and techniques in modern art. In recent years she made many drawings for newspapers in recent years and held a solo exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum in 2013. Awards: Yasui Prize in 1989. Gold prize at the “India Triennale” in 1991. Gunma Prefecture Modern Museum Prize “Modern Japanese Art Exhibition” 1992. VOCA Prize in 1994, Phillip Morris Art Award 1996 Outstanding Performance Award.

Jun Yoshida
Yoshida creates works by commanding the techniques of woodcut printing and Japanese- style paintings and fusing together a line of vision towards future and traditional craftsmanship on an established artifice. Active both in Japan and abroad, he exhibits not only in Tokyo and Osaka, but also in Shanghai and Taiwan.
Tokyo University of the Arts, Oil Painting & Prints, Education & Research Fellow
1st Prize of the Adachi Contemporary Ukiyoe Award 2009.