“The Joy of Toy -UK/JP Character World” Exhibition

CCC presents “The Joy of Toy―UK/JP Character World” Exhibit. Both Japanese character art and Western style street art have come to influence each other while becoming popular all over the world. And the personification and deformation of characters as icons has become an important part of visual communication. For the Joy of Toy exhibition , 8 artists will present works in 2D & 3D illlustration, figures, painting as well as animation. And only as character artists can do, they will present a unique world of ideas―an imaginarium―and explore the role of character design in contemporary visual communications.

Term: 2 April – 22 May 2010
Venue: the center for creative communications (CCC) 3F
Organizer : the center for creative communications
Co-sponsor: ANA
Exhibition planning (producing/curation): Hexaproject Ltd.
Poster & flyer design: Hexaproject Ltd.
Web design: Hexaproject Ltd.
Participating Artist: Sichi, Peter Fowler, Tokyo Plastic (UK) / Dehara Yukinori, SHIN TANAKA, Atelier SANGO, Planet Planter, Hexa Project
Admission fee: No charge