Participating Artists:Kosakuten Members (Japanese phonetical order.)

Manga Artist
Born in 1965 in Tokyo; raised in Saitama. Asakura began illustrating as a part-time worker at a magazine and debuted as a manga artist in 1988. Works include “Haruyamacho Servants”, “Debonair Drive” (Kadokawa/Enterbrain), “Soyo Soyo” (Juneisha) and “Jigoku no Saramichan” (Shodensha). For Kosakuten, he mainly works on the Kosaku Newspaper.


Illustrator/Art Director
Born in 1953 in Tokyo. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School, Anzai spent 3 years at a design company, 1 week living in a mountain hut, 3 years working at a record company before going freelance in 1982. From record jacket & tour pamphlet design to work for magazines and film, he became known for his perfect work as well as not meeting schedules. In 1992 Anzai appeared on the TV program “Tamori Club” and became known for getting laughs. He is involved with the band Foollens, appears on the NHK BS TV program “Warau Yogakuya” and published the picture book “WASiMO” with Kudo Kankuro.

Born in 1968 in Saitama. A freelance illustrator since graduating from Kuwasawa Design School, Shirane’s work of various styles can be seen in many publications. Recent work includes the jacket cover for AKB48’s single “Kokoro-no Placard” and the cover illustration for BRUTUS magazine issue 792.

Manga Artist
Born in 1958 in Shizuoka. After graduating from Tama Art University in 1981 he worked at Kirin Beverage doing package design and advertising. Shiriagari debuted as a manga artist with the work “Eriki-no-Haru” in 1985 and became known as a new type of parody-focused gag manga artist. After going independent in 1994, he has continued his unique path as a manga artist producing fantastical and literary works. Recently he has expanded his creative work to include essays, fieldwork, games, art and more.

Illustrator/Art Director
Freelance illustrator graduating from Tama Art University working with television commercials and other advertising media. Takahashi’s work also includes animation and acting for the FUJI TV program “Hirake Ponkiki” as well as book & editorial design. He has also put on solo exhibitions “Shadows on the Grass” 1-5, participates in group exhibitions and is involved with overseas musicians such as TOM’S CABIN.

Born in 1952 and graduated from Tama Art University. Nagino is a freelance illustrator for advertising, TV commercials, character design and more. Works include Studio Alta posters (1983-2003), Recruit B-ing cover, Mister Donuts premium goods, and POSH BOY graphics. He has also published the picture book “Kore-ha Akkochan” (text: Tanikawa Shuntaro) and collection of work “HELLO NAGINO POSTERS”. His yearly work “PAPER CALENDAR”, which he started in 1982, is now in its 33rd year. He is a member of the the Tokyo Illustrators Society.

Born in 1959 in Tokyo. Nankin is a member of the comedy company Wahaha Honpo in charge of character goods illustration as well as performing. In 1990 he took a 12 year hiatus from creative work before returning to performing in 2003. He is also a writer, “The NanKing ManGwa (Hakusensha), others; animator, Nippon TV’s “Tensai–Takeshi-no Genki-ga Deru Terebi”, “MogulMogu GOMBO”, others; as well as CM/TV appearances.

Mambonsai Horticulturist
Born in 1962 in Sapporo and graduated with a degree in industrial design from Nihon University. Paradise worked at the Subaru Design Center, and was involved in the designs of the first Legacy, SVX and other car styling. He later formed the Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys. While being a Mambo musician, his work has been a chaotic jumble of being a founder of Mabomsai, car designer, bath salt sommelier, members-only gyoza restaurant owner, the Japan representative to the Greenland International Santa Claus Association, and Amakusa tourism ambassador. Recently published works include “Yomu Gyoza” (Shinchosha) and “Paradise Yamamoto no Hikoki no Norikata” (Diamondsha).

Twitter : mambon
facebook : mambonsai

Visual Artist
An artist as well as a designer, Mic is a visual artist spreading a message of beauty, love and peace. His series of mirror work, “Mirrors” has received high praise while his light fixture “Susumo Chochin’ received the GOOD DESIGN award in 2012. Other work includes a mural and sculpture for Solamachi, clothing design ‘Beams Lights with Mic*Itaya’, and through the SHIDAX “Art Wall” project he is taking part in a UNHCR food drive for refugees.

Guest Teacher

A writer and editor specializing in Japanese art, Hashimoto is also an instructor at Meiji & Rikkyo universities. Published works include, “Kyoto de Nihon Bijutsu-wo Miru (Kyoto National Museum)” (Shueisha), “Kawari Kabuto – Sengoku-no COOL DESIGN” (Shinchosha) and “Nihon-no Kokuho 100” (Gentosha). She has also coauthored “Koi-suru Shunga”, “Unkei – Riaru-wo Koeta Tensai Busshi” (Shinchosha), ‘Cesare Borgia wo Shitteimasu ka?” (Kodansha) and more.

From Shizuoka Prefecture. Activities include participation in the rock unit Baby&CIDER with Watanabe Baby, the pop unit Totem Rock with Kogure Shinya, and the art unit AnzaiCIDER with Anzai Hajime. *Participating in the live event as Kaseki Cider with Nakamori Yasuhiro.

Event Guests

Manga Artist
Born in Shizuoka City. There is no thread, purpose or climax in his stories and work content. A low-output writer, his main work can be found in “Garo” (Seirindo) and “AX” (Seirinkogeisha) and other minor publications. His books are a rare find.

Blog (Japanese)

Shizuoka City Aoi Ward Local Heroes
Formed in 2002 they do live performances with the aim of spreading world peace through rock music. They received the Shizuoka Prefecture Medal of Merit for Gender Equality and were the PR ambassadors for safety for the Shizuoka Police Department.

“Tonight is Yoroi! An Armour-ish Good Night”

The day after the “Drop Your Swords! Super Yoroi Exhibit”  opening, there will also be a special live performance with the Kosakuten member band OBANDOS and guests Kaseki Cider, Imiri Sakabashira and Bakuon Sentai Sunpu Ranger PEACE.  Plus, an explosive talk on the warring states period with Mari Hashimoto will be held between sets. Come and enjoy a laid back yet hot Spring eve.

12  April  2015 ,  18:00–22:00
Limited to the first 70 people to register.*Registration is now closed.*
The hall:ICN space
the center for creative communications (CCC)
ICN space (Corporation hexa project)
Exhibition planning & coordination:Hexaproject Ltd.
Participating Artists
OBANDOS (Kosakuten members), Imiri Sakabashira (manga artist; lives in Shizuoka City), Kaseki Cider with Nakamori Yasuhiro, Bakuon Sentai Sunpu Ranger PEACE (Shizuoka City Aoi Ward’s local heroes)
Guest Teacher
Mari Hashimoto (writer, editor) , Kaseki Cider (musician, rapper, songwriter, artist; from Shizuoka Prefecture) 
Ticket Registration
Advanced 1,500 yen (inc. 1 drink); Same-day 2,000 yen (inc. 1 drink) *All-standing; no seat-reservation. Payment made at the door.