installation photo by SCHOOL OF THE ARTS SINGAPORE

Kouichi Okamoto (b.1970; Shizuoka, Japan)

Sound artist and product designer. Released music tracks with Dutch techno label, X-trax, in 1997. Established Kyouei Design in 2006. Okamoto goes beyond the borders of art, design, and music with playful works loved globally. Recently, he is creating a three-dimensional piece using daily necessities and mechanical objects to reproduce elements that cannot be captured by the naked eye, such as sound, light, and gravity. In 2011,”Glass Tank” was selected for the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco (MoMA). In 2012 and 2014, he held an exhibition and a live performance at the Victoria & Albert Museum, as part of the London Design Festival curated by NPO Hexaproject.

Workshop planning (learning programme) and a coordination: Non-profit organization Hexaproject
1st:15-17 October 2012
2nd:27-28 October 2014
3rd:27-28 October 2015
4th:6-7 April 2016 (Singapore)
5th: 25-26 October 2016