Osamu Watanabe
Osamu Watanabe/Artist of Contemmporary Art. 2003: He graduated Tokyo Zokei University as a design major
He became popular with his art decorations of sweets, and he is the first person who made them as one ART form. He appeared in some Japanese TV shows such as “Tokyo Kawaii TV”(NHK) and “Tetsuko no heya special”(Special program-Tetsuko’s room-). He is called the prince of sweets in art industry.
He creates figures of candies, fruits and even whipped cream with his elaborate and colorful design. He held exhibitions not only in Japan but also all over the world like China, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, the United States, and Korea.In 2012, the book “SWEET OR UNSWEET?” was published as his first miscellany, and his arts are displayed in “Ohara museum” and “Haruhi museum”.
Website: http://watanabeosamu.tokyo

□Hexaproject produced & curated exhibition:
“OHAKO 十八番” ICN(International creative network/London) 2011
“Sweets Sentiment” , POLA MUSEUM ANNEX(Tokyo), 2014