“NEW WAVE – Singapore’s Contemporary Design Culture”

CCC is proud to present the exhibit “New Wave”, an exploration of the recent emergence of Singapore’s contemporary design culture with guest curator Jackson Tan.This exhibition captures an exciting phase in Singapore’s culture as the island-state repositions itself as a new global design centre. It will showcase the works of designers who are establishing themselves as part of the “New Wave”.
The exhibition will also explore the conceptual theme of “New Identity”. 8 designers are invited to participate in this visual exploration through their own individual cross-disciplinary design concepts, processes, mediums and executions. The collection of “New Identities” from the individual designers,captures the spirit and vision for the future of Singapore’s design landscape.

Term : 6 September – 29 November 2008
Venue : CCC (the center for creative communications) (4-16 Otemachi Aoi-ku Shizuoka City Shizuoka)
Organizer : CCC (the center for creative communications)
Co-organiser : Design Singapore Council
Supported by Singapore Embassy
Guest curator : Jackson Tan (Black Design)
Exhibition planning (producing/curation) : Hexaproject Ltd.
Space design : Jackson Tan (Black Design)
Flyer design : Jackson Tan (Black Design)
Web design : Hexaproject Ltd.
Participating artist : phunk studio /Jackson Tan, William Chan ,Patric Gan(Black Design Pte Ltd), Asylum / Chris Lee, H55 / Hanson Ho&Larry /Larry Peh, Air Design Group /Nathan Yong, kwodrent /Grace Tan, SBTG, Maki Squarepatch / Weng Pixin
Admission fee : No charge

Opening Party :
Date : 5 September 2008
Venue : Fugetsu-Rou
Only officials