Gallery Talk Part1 “What is Ukiyo-e? Japanese masters – Hokusai, Kuniyoshi, Sharaku and Utamaro”

ICN proudly presents to you a series of exhibitions that centres on the theme of ukiyo-e.  This exhibition, which is the first in the series, serves as an introduction to ukiyo-e that will hopefully enable visitors to better understand its historical origins and influence on Japanese art.This exhibition features brilliantly coloured woodblock paintings executed in a particular technique known as nishiki-e, the latter of which is commonly administered in ukiyo-e works. The pieces showcased here are also accompanied by interpretations that advise the viewer on how best to comprehend and appreciate the charm of ukiyo-e.

Date : 18 April 2012, 20:00 – 21:00
Venue : ICN (International Creative Network)
Organizer : ICN (Hexaproject London Ltd.)
Cooperation : The Adachi Foundation for the preservation of woodcut printing
Planning (Learning programme/coordination) : Non-profit organization Hexaproject
Space design : Hexaproject Ltd.
Web designn : Hexaproject Ltd.
Presented by Hisami Omori (Non-profit organization Hexaproject)
Admission fee : No charge