“design boom workshop”

A workshop for aspiring designers was held in the SCVF04 with Birgit Lohman, chief editor of designboom from Italy, as the speaker. Birgit established designboom in 1998. Birgit is globally active as a designer and has collaborated with Italian architect, Renzo Piano, and master of interior design, Enzo Mari, while also teaching at an university. This will be a great opportunity to hear the opinions of one of world’s leading product designers, come in contact with practical professional sensibility, and to hear her opinions as a designer overseas. Please feel free to ask Birgit questions and advice as there will also be an interpreter.

Date : 3 November 2008, 13:00 – 16:00
Limited to the first 20 people per class to register
Venue : the centre for creative communications (CCC)
Organiser : SCVF04
Workshop planning (learning programme) : Non-profit organization Hexaproject
Poter & flyer design : Hexaproject Ltd.
Webdesign : Hexaproject Ltd.
Instructor : Birgit Lohmann ( Editor “designboom”) *with an interpreter
Fee : 1,000yen (need a registration, only for the first 20 people)