Seijiro Niwa
b.1967; Nagoya Japan
Born in Nagoya city in 1967. He has a post-graduate degree from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. He is currently a professor at Aichi Gakusen University.

□Hexaproject produced & curated exhibition and event
“Seijiro Niwa”Exhibition Mixed Media(Hexaproject Ltd.)、(Shizuoka),2002
“culvert – Indian Architecture”Mixed Media(Hexaproject Ltd.)、(Shizuoka),2003
Hexaprojec ”Express」in Shanghai” Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art(Shanghai),2005
Seijiro Niwa + Takao Aoki “aftermath & new works” the center for creative communications(CCC) (Shizuoka) 2008
“OTAKU THE 3RD” -ART OTAKUxSUB CUL OTAKU-,Maverick Showroom(London)2010
“the way of mending holes” ICN (London),2013
and others