“Hyper Japanesque” Participating Artists

In the exhibition “Hyper Hapanesque” starting from 14th April to 3rd July in Singapore,
there will be 30 works displayed by 8 Japanese Contemporary artists including new works, as part of the main event “Super Japan – Japanese Festival of Arts” organised by Esplanade. We hope you have the chance to see amazing works!

Yuki Hasegawa “steaming 01”(lithography)
Akiko Ozasa “präparat series” (Acrylic on paper)
Naoko Yoshimoto “Wing – Dedicated to E” (E’s clothes, books, wood, glass)
Keiko Matsumoto Octopus/ Arabesque (Porcelain)
Saya Irie “Dust series” (Eraser, banknote)
Hiroko Masuko “Tyuhin Bonsai Yusi (Pen, ink, paper, wooden panel )
Yuri Suzuki “Garden of Russolo” (Horns, wood)
Kouichi Okamoto ”Re-rain” (Umbrella, iron, speakers, speaker cables, CD players)